Science Team!

The FIT Logo Science Design Team is lead by by Dr. Dan Lawson, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the College of Arts, Sciences and Letters, University of Michigan-Dearborn. Dr. Lawson also serves as participating content faculty along with Dr. Jacob Napieralski. Ms. Sharon Holloway is the participating high school content teacher from Detroit Public Schools (DPS). Christy Steffke and Nick Napela serve the team as graduate student assistants. The student team members include twelve 11th grade students from DPS: Geateea Northington, Candice Brooks, Ryan Stepney, Dasha Dent, Kenneth Williams, Joshua Breadly, Diamond Flemons, Alex Shropshire, Theonica Tayler, and Terrance Collie,.

The science team concentrates on three different but related applications of IT in the sciences; measurement, modeling, and mapping. Project participants

  • use GPS and GIS for mapping and mathematical descriptions of locations,
  • use temperature and light sensors in the sciences,
  • create mathematical models using STELLA that incorporate measured quantities and make predictions.

Members of the Science Design Team:
   Dr. Dan Lawson, Team Leader
   Dr. Paul W. Zitzewit, Team Leader
   Dr. Jacob Napieralski, Science  Faculty
   Ms. Sharon Holloway, High School Science Teacher
   Christy Steffke, Graduate Student Assistant
   Nick Napela, Graduate Student Assistant

Participating High School Students:
   Cohort 1
Joshua Breadly, Team Hurricane (GPS/GIS)
      Candace Brooks,
Team Hurricane (GPS/GIS)
      Terrance Collier,
Team Catalytic Converter (Sensors/Model)
      Desha Dent,
Team Collide and Dye (Sensors/Model)
      Alex Shropshire,
Team Catalytic Converter (Sensors/Model)
      Ryan Stepny,
Team Hurricane (GPS/GIS)
      Theonica Tayler,
Team Collide and Dye (Sensors/Model)
      Kenneth Williams,
Independent Projects
   Cohort 2
      Adares Black, GPS Signal Strength

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