Project Team!

Mesut Duran's Picture
Dr. Mesut Duran
Principal Investigator
Project Director
Paul Zitzewitz's Picture
Dr. Paul W. Zitzewit
Participating Investigator
Former Science Team Leader
Dan Lawson's Picture
Dr. Dan Lawson
Participating Investigator
Science Team Leader
Brahim Medjahed's Picture
Dr. Brahim Medjahed
Participating Investigator
Technology Team Leader
Elsayed Orady's Picture
Dr. Elsayed Orady
Participating Investigator
Engineering Team Leader
Margret Hoft's Picture
Dr. Margret Höft
Participating Investigator
Mathematics Team Leader
Shedrick Ward's Picture
Dr. Shedrick Ward
District Coordinator, DPS
Director, SMTR Center
Nadine Tibbs-Stallworth's Picture
Nadine Tibbs-Stallworth
Supervisor, DPS
Office of Science Education
Jim Ross' Picture
Jim Ross
Former Liaison to
Corporate Partners
21st Century Digital
Learning environments
John Iras' Picture
John Iras
Former Liaison to Parents
21st Century Digital
Learning Environments
Mark Jenness' Picture
Dr.Mark Jenness
Project Evaluator
Director, SAMPI
Pete Vunovich's Picture
Pete Vunovich
Project Evaluator
Field Researcher, SAMPI