Technology Team!

The FIT Logo Technology Design Team is lead by Dr. Brahim Madjahed, Assitat Professor of Computer and Information Science at the College of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan-Dearborn. Dr. Bruce Elenbogen is the participating content faculty. Mrs. P. Wileyis the participating high school content teacher from Detroit Public Schools (DPS). Mark Wenske serves the team as participating student asistant. The student team members include twelve 11th grades from DPS: Khafida Abdulazeez, Kristopher Barden, Kaylon McGhee, Courtney Taylor, Tyresha Davis, Logan Williams, Dynasty Gilchrist, Shanice Hill, Jamel Powell, Michael Johnson, Michael Boone.

The technology team focuses on technological tools and languages for designing and developing Web applications such as Web-based games and chat-rooms. Project participants

  • learn the basics of visual programming,
  • become familiar with integrated development environments such as Visual Studio, Alice
  • design and develop game applications.

Members of the Technology Design Team:
   Dr. Brahim Medjahed, Team Leader
   Dr. Bruce Elenbogen, Technology Faculty
Mr. Kamal Zaky, High School Technology Teacher
   Mr. Silas Williams, High School Technology Teacher
   Nicholas Smith, Student Assistant
   Mark Wenske, Student Assistant

Participating High School Students:
   Cohort 1

      Khafida Abdulazeez, Team Uprising (Video Game)
      Kristopher Barden,
Teen Drinking (Movie)
      Michael Boone,
Team Uprising (Video Game)
      Dynasty Gilchrest,
Teen Drinking (Movie)
      Michael Johnson,
Team Uprising (Video Game)
      Kaylon McGhee,
Team Elemental
      Courtney Taylor,
Team Elemental
      Logan Williams,
Team Elemental

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