Mathematics Team!

The mathematics team focuses on statistical science with applications in three increasingly important areas of scientific investigation: public health, environmental issues, and manufacturing reliability and safety. Project participants

  • understand the basic two-sample comparison problem in statistics, the basic regression problem in statistics, and the basic analysis of the covariance problem in statistics, 
  • use Minitab to create comparative displays and regression displays and will perform appropriate analysis to test for and estimate effect sizes, 
  • write reports based on their findings using data analysis.

Members of the Mathematics Design Team:
   Dr. Margret Höft, Team Leader
   Dr. John Gillespie, Mathematics Faculty
Dr. Michael Shelly, Mathematics Faculty
   Ms. Sybil Sharpe, High School Mathematics Teacher
   Lynsey Bonza, Undergraduate Student Assistant
   Amanda Raupp, Undergraduate Student Assistant
Nicole Seaman, Undergraduate Student Assistant

Participating High School Students:
   Cohort 2

      David Beasley, Video Games and Violence
      Charles Fritts
, What's Your Preference
   Pearl Gray, Bloody Math
      Tyanna McClain
, The Perceived Facts
      Jasmine Ross
, Container Insulation

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