Engineering Team!

The FIT Logo Engineering Design Team is lead by Dr. Elsayed Orady, Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the College of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan-Dearborn. Dr. Orady also serves as participating content faculty. Mr. Dane Orlovic, and Ms. Ermelda Polk are participating high school content teachers from Detroit Public Schools (DPS). Christopher Bednarz and Martha Casing serve the team as student assistants. The student team members include ten 11th grades from DPS: Brittany Morris, Shannon Cason, Antanesha Beasley, Myesha Tipton, Sharla King, Allen Mack, Anthony Poydras, Daryl Rice, Devon Vinson, and Devante Kennedy.

The engineering team emphasize the basics of robotics and its applications as related to IT, including modeling robots, programming robots, and integrating robots into an application environment such as a manufacturing system or a medical application. Project participants

  • use robotics simulation software packages such as ROBCAD,
  • learn the basic of robotics such as modeling and programming robots,
  • learn integration of robots in an application environment such as manufacturing system or surgery operating room.

Members of the Engineering Design Team:
   Dr. Elsayed Orady, Team Leader
   Mr. Dane Orlovic, High School Engineering Teacher
Ms. Ermelda Polk, High School Engineering Teacher
   Kamal Zaky, High School Mathematics Teacher
   Chris Bednarz, Student Assistant
   Martha Casing, Graduate Assistant
   Fadie Ghraib,
Undergraduate Student Assistant

Participating High School Students:
   Cohort 1

      Antanesha Beasley, Team DIA
      Shannon Cason, Team DIA
      Devante Kennedy, Team Renaissance
      Allen Mack, Team Northwestern
      Brittany Morris, Team DIA
      Anthony Poydras, Team Northwestern
      Daryl Rice, Team Renaissance
      Myesha Tipton, Team Northwestern
      Devon Vinson, Team Renaissance
   Cohort 2
      Diontae Brooks, Robot Designs & VEX Competition Team B
      Daniel Cantrell, VEX Competition Team B
      Dale Dorsey, VEX Competition Team B
      Lawrence Harris, Team Round Up & VEX Competition Team A
      Sierra Johnson, VEX Competition Team A
      Davida Lowe, VEX Competition Team A
      Ashanti McKee, VEX Competition Team A
      Dornell Mister, VEX Competition Team A
      Jaina Plummer, VEX Competition Team A
      Brynne Rains, Robot Designs & VEX Competition Team B
      Chelsea Reed, Team Round Up & VEX Competition Team A
      Omari Tabor, VEX Competition Team B
      Chanel Wilkerson, Team Round Up & VEX Competition Team A
      Katrina Williams, VEX Competition Team B
      William Woods, Robot Designs & VEX Competition Team B

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